Fr. Kirby Longo’s Homilies

2020 BC Graduation Homily

May 20, 2020

There is exactly one road to perfection for each of you from the BC class of 2020. It’s narrow, rocky, and difficult, but it’s possible. That road involves simply following Christ. Jesus tells us in the gospel, “I will not leave you orphans, I will send you the advocate, the spirit of truth to be with you always.”

It’s your choice, you’re free. You can go off to college and party, go hard, follow your bliss, whatever, and it will give you a shallow sense of rebellion, you will in fact be following the crowd in every single way.

 To be Christian today is the true revolution. Christ is waiting for you. Sacrifice what he asks you to sacrifice and trust he knows where he’s taking you. That’s the road to greatness, to joy, and the world needs you to follow that road. If you do, you will find when you speak, the crowds around you will listen with one accord, unclean spirits will be cast out, the crippled and paralyzed will be healed.

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