Fr. Kirby Longo’s Homilies

September 30, 2018 - The Question of Salvation

October 1, 2018

Who is saved? What is it necessary for salvation? We ask questions in this arena often, and rarely do the answers not make us uncomfortable. That’s because an easy answer to that question either errors on the side of universalism- basically everyone is saved so don’t worry about it. Or it begins to sound rigid, brutal, and nearly arbitrary when someone claims there is no salvation outside the Church, period.

Why are we often so wrapped up in these sorts of questions? This is because deep down, we all want a religion that is a matter of ortho-praxis. What is a religion of ortho-praxis? It presents us with a list of obligations, procedures, formulas and works, and we do them. If we do them, we go to heaven, and if we don’t, we do not go to heaven, it's that simple. How we feel while we do these things is irrelevant, what we believe in the midst of all that work is also irrelevant, because it only matters that we do the work demanded of us.  

A few of the fastest growing religions in our world are that way, which is part of their compelling force for many people. If I do this, I go to heaven- it’s that easy. Christianity is not a religion of orthopraxy